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Monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns for the proper budget management

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In the Marketing section, you can create ad campaigns and set up an automatic collection of customer feedback.

Ad Campaigns

There are many ways companies can use to attract new customers. In RemOnline, it is possible to track the results of your advertising campaigns. With these insights, you’ll be able to see each channel’s effectiveness to optimize your marketing budget.

To collect the data, you need to fill in the "Ad campaign" field in each lead, work order, or sale, since even the same clients may contact you via different marketing channels. In the client profile, you will see the initial source (the first contact) in the "How the client found us" field.

On the Settings > Marketing page, you can add advertising campaigns for the drop-down menu of the "How the client found us" field on the client form and the "Ad Campaign" field on the work order, lead, and sale forms.

To make sure your employees remember to ask for this information, you can set a "Required" checkbox for the "Ad Campaign" and "How the client found us" fields on the work order, lead, and client forms.

To make the Ad campaign field mandatory in sales, enable the corresponding checkbox on the Settings > General > Sales page.

In the Ad campaigns report, you will see how many leads you’ve got and their conversion, the number of clients and created work orders or sales as well as the profit generated by a particular advertising campaign.

Customer Feedback

Choose a rating system and set up an automatic collection of customer feedback. There are 3 rating systems available on the Settings > Marketing page: 5-point scale, Like/Dislike and Index NPS. Learn more about the settings here.

You can view your customer feedback in the Work Order Event Feed, the Customer Feedback report, or the RemOnline Boss App. You can also see the current average company rating and its comparison with the previous month in the Manager Dashboard.

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