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RemOnline Boss App

Track key business metrics and stay in touch with employees anytime, anywhere

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A tutorial video about RemOnline Boss App is available on our YouTube channel.

RemOnline Boss is a mobile application that gives managers quick access to all the key performance data of the company and allows them to contact their employees without leaving the app.

How To Install The RemOnline Boss App

Step 1. Go to the employee profile on the Settings > Employees page and check the Access to RemOnline Boss application checkbox.

Please note that if this checkbox is not selected in the employee profile, the employee will not be able to access the mobile application.

Step 2. Below you will see buttons to download the application on the AppStore and Google Play.

Step 3. Click Save.

How Do I Sign In To The Boss App?

To log in to the mobile app, enter your Login and Password and click Sign in.

Or scan the QR code from the employee profile.

You can enable Touch ID or Face ID for quick authorization.

Features of the Boss Mobile App


This section displays the executive's report for a particular day. You can use a filter by locations and work order types, and select different periods.

The report metrics:

  • Created displays the number of created work orders.

  • Works of displays the total amount of services added.

  • Closed displays the number of closed work orders, i.e. orders that were transferred to the “Closed successfully” and “Closed unsuccessfully” group status.

  • Refunds displays the total amount of returns to customers on work orders and sales for the selected period.

  • Revenue displays the total amount of payments by work orders and sales for the selected period.

  • Profit displays the total amount of profit on work orders and sales for the selected period.

You can also swipe the report if you have a day, week, or month period selected.

Each of the metrics is specified in detail, so let's take a closer look.

Created orders. Besides the number of created orders, you will see their total amount here (data is taken from the “Estimated Price” field).

Completed works displays the number of added works and their total amount. Below there is information about each specialist and each location if there is more than one.

Closed orders. Besides the number of closed orders, their total amount is displayed.

Sold products shows the number of items sold and the total amount.

Cash flow shows the total inflow and outflow of cash on orders and sales.

Profit shows the total amount of profit. Below you’ll see the profit by orders and by sales, as well as by each location if you have more than one.

Important: If you have multiple locations, there will be data for each location.


In this section, you can see the current amount of money in each cashbox, as well as the total amount of money from all locations.

Note that company cashboxes are displayed in a separate block. You will find location cashboxes under the name of the associated location.


Here is a list of all active employees of the company.

The employee card displays:

  • First name and Last name

  • Role

  • Last login to the account

  • IP address of the last login

  • Button to call the employee (to the phone number from the employee profile)

  • Button to send an SMS, WhatsApp or Viber message (to the phone number from the employee profile)

You can change the design of the employee card in the next section Settings.


This tab displays customer reviews that were collected via RemOnline. You will see the rating with a comment, the location, the client's name, and the work order number for which the review was left. If you have questions about any review, click on the work order number to open the RemOnline App.

Reviews can be filtered by location and rating.

Please note that the rating can be displayed in different ways (5-point stars, rating from 1 to 10 or Like/Dislike). It depends on which rating system you have chosen on the Settings > Marketing page.

Read more about how to set up the collection of such reviews in this article.


On this tab, you can:

  • turn Face ID/Touch ID on or off

  • configure the display of cents

  • customize the employee card

  • change the application language

  • go to the Help Center

  • contact the support chat or report a bug

  • view information about the app

  • log out of the account

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