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The Work Order Event Feed

Find out where all work order history is stored and displayed

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Work Order Event Feed displays a history of order actions you can find on the right of the order window.

There is no way to remove work order events from the feed. This way, you can always view unedited work order history.

Here's a list of events and actions you can find in the Work Order event feed:

Hover over the event icon to view the date, time, and the employee associated with an event.

Here are the actions you can perform in your Work Order event feed:

1. Print the documents. Click on the printer button 🖨️ and select a document (documents from the Work Orders group are displayed).

2. Send a message to the client via WhatsApp, Viber, SMS or Email. Click on the message icon and select the messenger you need.

3. Transfer the work order. Click on the transfer icon and select the location to which you want to transfer the work order.

4. Take or add a photo from your device. Click on the camera icon 📷, take a photo and upload it to the event feed. The file size should not exceed 5 MB.

5. Add a document, file or image from your PC. Click on the button with a paper clip, select a file and upload it. The file size should not exceed 5 MB.

6. Add a public or private comment. Click the + Comment button, select the type and type in the text.

Public comments are available for viewing by all employees who have access to the work order. A private comment can be seen only by the employee who created it, regardless of access rights. Private comments are highlighted in yellow.

Important: you can add a photo, document or comment to the work order from your phone using the Work Orders mobile application. Read more in this article.

7. Add a task. Click on the + Task button. The created task will be associated with the work order and the client.

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