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The Work Order Event Feed

Find out where all work order history is stored and displayed

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Work Order Event Feed displays a history of order actions you can find on the right of the work order window.

There is no way to remove work order events from the feed. This way, you can always view unedited work order history.

Please note that if a work order was created from an estimate, the events from the estimate event feed will be automatically transferred to the work order event feed.

The following events are recorded here:

  • Status update, editing of a work order type and deadline

  • Changing a customer, location, manager, or technician in a work order

  • Adding/removing labors and spare parts in a work order

  • Adding a comment, photo, or document to a work order

  • Creating a task from a work order (a crossed-out task is a completed task)

  • Sending an SMS with a message text (the employee's name is not indicated when sending automatically)

  • Information about a customer's call with a handset name. You can also listen to a call directly in a work order (if you have integration with telephony configured)

  • Closing a work order against a debt

  • Customer feedback which was left through the review collection feature (now only 5-point reviews are displayed in the feed)

  • Creating a customer return

Hover over the event icon to view the date, time, and employee associated with an event.

You can perform the following actions in the Event Feed:

1. Create a task, add a document or image. To do this, click the "+" button and select an action:

  • Create task — creating a task that will be associated with this Lead

  • Take a photo — capturing a photo with your webcam

  • Attach file — adding an image or document from your PC

Important: The file size should not exceed 5 MB.

2. Add a public or private comment. To do this, simply start typing your text at the bottom of the Event Feed. By default, the comment is public but, if necessary, you can click the eye icon to make it private.

Public comments are visible to all employees that have access to the Lead. A private comment can be seen only by the employee that left it regardless of the access rights. Private comments are highlighted in yellow.

Note that if you press Enter, the comment will be sent. If you press Shift + Enter, you will get to the next line.

At the top, there is a switch to see All events or only Comments.

If necessary, you can hide and then expand the Event Feed again. To do this, click the arrow:

To the left of the event feed are buttons for additional actions in a work order:

1. Print documents. Click on the printer button 🖨️ and select a document (documents from the Work Orders group are displayed).

2. Contact a client. Click on the message icon and select a communication method: send a message to a client via WhatsApp, Viber, SMS, or Email, or make a call. Please note that you must have the corresponding integrations connected and configured.

3. Click the Actions button to take another work order from the client, transfer a work order, or delete a work order.

Note: you can add a photo, document, or comment to a work order, communicate with clients, and print documents directly from your phone or tablet using the RemOnline Work Orders mobile application. Read more in this article.

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