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How To Use The Ad Campaigns Report?
How To Use The Ad Campaigns Report?

Find out how to work with the Ad Campaigns report effectively

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All leads, work orders, and sales that have the "Ad Campaign" system field filled in are included in the Ad Campaigns report. It is important to fill in this field when creating each work order/sale because the "first contact" may be associated with one advertising campaign and the next ones with others.

For example, you were first contacted by a client who heard about your company from friends. In the client's profile, make a note in the "How the client found us" field. When this client contacts you again, you won’t need to change the "How the client found us" field because it indicates only the "first contact". So you fill this field once, at the time of creating a client's profile.

Fill in the "Ad Campaign" field in the lower part of the work order form. The values will be auto-filled when creating the first work order for a new client.

Further, you repaired this client’s device and after some time they saw your ad on Instagram with a special offer for laptop cleaning. The client remembered that you repaired their device before and it was a good job, so they decided to contact you again for another service.

So now, you have to create a new work order and choose this client from the list. Enter the name of the advertising campaign (e.g. "Instagram (-10%)") below in the work order form. As a result, the “How the client found us” field in the client's profile differs from the "Ad campaign" field in the work order form because the "first contact" and the client's further work orders are different performance metrics to analyze.

And now, let's check the report on the Reports > Marketing > Ad Campaigns page. When selecting the "New" filter for clients, you’ll see the work order in which this client was listed for the first time, that is, from the "Referral" advertising campaign. Thus, you can see which advertising campaign generates new clients more often and what income you get from it.

When you select the “Regular” filter for clients, you will see another work order from this client, i.e. from the "Instagram (-10%)" advertising campaign. With this filter, you can understand which campaigns most often generate repeat customer work orders.

For example, you run a "30% off the second work order or sale” campaign. The number of leads and their conversion rate show you how interesting this campaign was for your target audience. And the profit it generated shows you whether it was profitable for your company in general. If you see this ad campaign in the "New" filter, it means that your associates gave a discount to the wrong category of clients.

With this report, you get a detailed analysis of what kind of ad campaigns are worth spending the budget on and which are better to stop. E.g. if you see in the report that you spend $ 5,000 on an advertising campaign for a month and get out of it only 3 clients with a total profit of $ 1,000, you should definitely think about how to optimize your marketing efforts.

If you fill in the "Ad Campaign" field correctly and regularly, you will significantly save on the implementation of call tracking or other services to monitor your ad campaign performance.

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