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Learn all about Clients and their profiles, sorting, processing, and data entry

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How To Create Clients In RemOnline

There are several ways to create a client in RemOnline:

Option 1. Create a Client Manually on the Clients Page.

Go to Clients and click the + Client button. Fill in the customer profile and save the changes.

Option 2. Import Clients via an Excel File.

On the Clients page, click the Import button. Download an Excel file sample, fill in the file and upload it back to RemOnline. Read more about importing clients and filling out the template here.

Option 3. Create a Client in a Work Order, Lead, Sale, or Create a Supplier in a Posting Document.

Enter the name of the client/supplier in the work order, lead, sale, or posting document. Click + or + Create client. Fill in the client information and save the changes.

Option 4. Creating a Client via the API or Online Connectors.

In addition to the above options, you can set up automatic client creation in RemOnline via the API. You can do it yourself using the available methods in the documentation or with the help of online connectors listed on the Integrations page.

This option will come in handy if you want to create clients from requests on your website or Facebook automatically.

Types of Sorting and Separation of Clients

There are two types of clients in the system: Individual and Company. To specify the type, click on the corresponding button. You can customize your client form for each type.

On the next level, your Client profiles refer to vendors you’re actually purchasing from (represented by the Supplier checkbox). In this case, the Client profiles feature the truck icon. Eventually, you’ll be able to select suppliers for Postings.

This feature makes retrieving data about suppliers, and generating a list of suppliers by clicking the Suppliers button on the Clients page.

You may want to highlight a potentially conflictual nature or explicitly unmannered behavior (represented by the Conflict checkbox). In this case, the Client profiles may be featured with the red smile emoticon icon. Similarly, this applies to incoming calls and relevant pop-up notifications.

Provide individual or company details by filling in the Client name field or the Company name field accordingly.

Data Entry, Record-Keeping, Usage

Complete individual details by filling a list of fields, based on your preferences in the Client form.

Click + Add phone button to add multiple phone numbers. This may work for your business even better in case there are many different contractors or subcontractors you’re dealing with every day.

At this level, phone numbers vary by type as follows: Mobile, Work, and Home. You can always create your own phone type by clicking the + Add button.

Under each phone number, there are checkboxes for WhatsApp, Viber and SMS. If the checkboxes are enabled, messages can be sent to the client in WhatsApp and Viber messengers, and the system of automatic SMS notifications will work for such a client. When one of the checkboxes is disabled, the ability to send messages in the corresponding channel disappears for this client.

If you want to call clients from RemOnline, you must first connect and configure the integration with one of the VoIP services presented on the Settings > Integrations page.

To call a client from their profile, click the button to the right of the number and select Call.

Broadcasting SMS / WhatsApp / Viber

Here's what you should do to send messages to your clients:

Step 1. Make sure the SMS / WhatsApp / Viber checkbox next to the client's phone number is enabled.

Step 2. Сlick the arrow icon and select the desired sending method.

Step 3. Select the message template from the Template dropdown list. Make edits if necessary, and click Send.

Please note that there is no option to choose a template for Viber.

Broadcasting Emails

Here's what you should do to send emails to your clients:

Step 1. Check the Agrees to receive Email checkbox next to the corresponding email address.

Step 2. Hit the envelope icon next to the Email field for emailing a client.

Step 3. Use the Client email field to enter another email address.

Step 4. Select the Email message template from the Template dropdown list. Enter the message subject in a corresponding field. Review the text one last time when you have to and click Send.

Saving and using the Address in the Client Profile

Given that you have a correct physical address for record-keeping, you can further improve your RemOnline experience. Click the Geo-location button next to the Address field for a map view of a client across a given locale.

Tracking Client Acquisition Channels

Knowing all ins and outs of the customer journey is not that hard. Remember to fill in details in the How the client found us field. Learn more about ad campaigns and available setup on the “Settings > Marketing” page.

Customer Discounts

Here is all you need to know about customer discounts and how to manage them.

Notes and Tags in the Client's Profile

Notes help with extra record-keeping of individual and company details. And the Tags field can significantly improve the value of your client base. Attach custom tags to your Client profiles, whether customers or suppliers to your business, edit or merge tags and easily make reviews from time to time.

After filling out the client's profile, click the Save button. After that, the created client will appear in your database.

Your customer base is going to grow exponentially over time while enabling you to maintain Client profiles in a day-to-day context, additionally update them, remove redundant ones, and use bulk actions. This is what makes your sales database clean, clear, and up-to-date. Available at any time and from any device.

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