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How To Add Advertising Campaigns?
How To Add Advertising Campaigns?

Learn how to create an advertising campaign and monitor its performance

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With the help of advertising campaigns, you can monitor and analyze the performance of your promotion channels by indicating them in leads, work orders, and sales.

How to Create a New Advertising Campaign

Follow these steps to create a new advertising campaign:

Step 1. Go to the Settings > Marketing page and click the + Campaign button.

Step 2. Type in a name of your new advertising campaign.

Step 3. Select in which locations (if there are several) the campaign will be running.

If the campaign runs only in one location, it will be unavailable for selection in other locations.

Step 4. Select the time period of the advertising campaign.

The No limits option means that the campaign is running without a time limit.

For example, you can enable this option for the "Referral" channel.

Choose dates to indicate the start date and the end date of the campaign.

For example, you launched an advertisement on Google from 15.07 to 30.07. After the advertising campaign is finished, it won’t be displayed in the list of available options.

Step 5. If necessary, add a description of your campaign (details or remarks for your employees to pay attention to).

Step 6. Click Create.

The created advertising campaign will be available for viewing and editing in the table on the Settings > Marketing page.

If the term of the advertising campaign is over, it will be displayed as strikethrough. And the scheduled campaigns are displayed in gray.

Enable the Show past checkbox above the table to see the completed campaigns.

To view the results of your advertising campaigns, go to the Ad campaigns report.

How to Edit and Delete an Advertising Campaign

To edit a campaign, double-click on its name, make the necessary changes and save them.

Please note that when you change the name of the ad campaign, it will automatically be changed everywhere it was previously listed.

To delete a campaign, select one or more checkboxes and click the delete button. After deletion, you cannot select this advertising campaign in a new lead, work order, sale, or client profile. In this case, it will remain where it was listed before deletion.

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