User Access Permissions: General

Learn how to configure general user access permissions for your employees

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  • Can make payments due to client's balance ー allows making payments (Orders, Sales, Postings) due to client’s balance. When disabled, a corresponding dialog window has no payment method labeled “Due to balance” available

  • Can view the purchase price of the products ー allows viewing purchase prices directly in product profiles, order profiles, and documents of postings found on the “Inventory > Postings” page

  • Can set discount in the documents ー allows setting discounts directly in the Order profile

  • Can set the discount type ー allows setting discount and company discount

  • Can set the cost price in the documents ー allows setting cost prices for products and services out of the existing list of services or Inventory

  • Can see estimated profit — allows viewing potential revenues in order profiles and sales profiles

  • Display in the Managers list ー allows assigning a given employee in order profiles (the “Manager” field found in the “General info” tab)

  • Display in the Technician list ー allows assigning a given employee in order profiles (the “Assigned technician” / “Assignee” field in the “General info” and “Labor and Materials” tabs)

  • Can send SMS ー allows broadcasting SMS messages manually in Order profiles and Client profiles

  • Can see an asset cost — allows viewing the “Cost” system field directly in the Asset profile.

  • Can configure exceptional commissions for payroll calculation — the right to create, edit, or delete exceptional commissions in products, services, and their categories.

  • Can view their own compensation — allows access to own salary in the user profile.

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