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How To Clear Stock In RemOnline?
How To Clear Stock In RemOnline?

Learn how to quickly delete products from the warehouse

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To remove a product, you first need to write it off from the warehouse. To be removed the product must have a zero stock level in all warehouses.

Let's look at the fastest way to write off:

1. On the Inventory > Stock page, check a product and click More Actions > Write off.

2. In the opened write-off window, you’ll see the entire quantity of the selected product by default. Here you can edit the quantity of an item, remove it from the write-off list or add another one.

3. Leave a comment if necessary.

4. Click Write off.

After the item is written off (i.e. the item has a zero stock level), you can proceed to remove it. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Inventory > Stock page, check the item.

  2. On the bottom right, click on the delete button.

  3. Confirm the action by clicking Delete.

Important: The example above illustrates the writing off from a single warehouse. When goods are located in several warehouses, it is necessary to write them off from each warehouse first and then delete them on the Inventory > Stock page.

For the quick selection of all goods in the warehouse, we recommend checking all items on the page by clicking the uppermost checkbox. RemOnline remembers the selection on the previous page, so you can select and write off/remove goods from several pages at once.

You can recover a deleted product in the Activity Log report.

To do this, generate a report for the “Product deleted” event. Find the deleted product and click Restore.

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