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Product Transfers

Learn how to correctly move products between warehouses and bins

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The product movement in the warehouse is part of the general system of the flow of goods. The reasons for changing the place of storage can be very different.

For example, you need to move a product to a certain place, sort out the goods, transfer them from a temporary place of storage to a permanent one, and others.

Transferring Products on the Inventory > Transfers Page

1. Click + Transferring.

2. Specify to which warehouse the product is moved.

Non-Serial Product Transfers

Scan a barcode, a code, an SKU, or enter the name of the product and you will get a list of all found products in all warehouses that you have access to. Just select a product from the warehouse you need. It will be added to the table and the selected warehouse will be recorded in the Warehouse field. Further, all items will be selected from this warehouse.

Indicate the number of units that are being moved (from the required bin, if you have bin locations enabled). If you want to transfer the entire merchandise, click Add All.

Serial Product Transfers

Scan the serial number if you want to transfer a specific item. The current location of such a product in the system (the warehouse and the bin) is identified automatically.

You can also scan the barcode or enter the name, specify the warehouse (if the goods are in several warehouses), and select a few or all units of the products.

In the case of using bin locations, the item is moved to the default bin that is set up on the Settings > Warehouses page. If the bin differs from the one that is set by default, specify the bin you need.

After you have added all products, click Transfer.

You can print the transfer document, labels, and price tags for the listed items. Open the transfer and click the Print button in the lower right corner.

Important: You can't delete a transfer. To cancel it you have to create a reverse transfer.

Search the list of transfers by these parameters:

  • Document number

  • Employee and warehouse (sending and destination)

  • Comments to the document.

Transferring Products on the Inventory > Stock Page

1. On the Inventory > Stock page, select the warehouse and then check the items you need.

2. Click More actions at the bottom of the table and select Transfer.

3. A window for creating a transfer will open, just like on the Inventory > Transfers page. Specify the number of goods (all products from the selected warehouse are added automatically) and the bin (if you are using bin locations).

4. Click Transfer.

The transfer document will be displayed in the general list on the Inventory > Transfers page.

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