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Activity Log

Find out what data is contained in the Activity Log and how to recover deleted objects

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The Activity Log is a report that records the most important changes in the RemOnline account. That is, it logs the actions in the account by all employees.

All events can be divided into 4 types:

  • Creating an object (e.g. creation of a work order, sale, client, return, task, and posting)

  • Deleting an object (e.g. deleting a work order, sale, cashbox, payment, task, work, or product in a work order)

  • Changing an object (e.g. changing the status of a work order, a manager or specialist in a work order, ready-for-pickup date, recording time of a work order, or the work order type)

  • Other (e.g. logging into the RemOnline account, attaching or deleting a file in a work order, receiving customer feedback).

The Activity Log is available from the Startup subscription plan and can be found on the Reports > Activity Log page.

Generating a Report

Step 1. Set the required parameters.

Period. Choose the time period for which the report will be generated: today, yesterday, this week, month to date, last week, last month, or custom.

Please note, that the report is always generated for the last 30 days only in the Startup plan (no date selecting option available).

Location. View events in one, several, or all locations at once.

Employee. Select events that were done by a specific employee.

Events. Build a report by specific events.

Currently, 64 events are available in the report:


  • The task was created or deleted;

  • The task deadline changed or the assigned specialist changed;

  • The task is completed/returned (i.e., set back to “in work”);


  • The lead created or deleted;

  • The status, type, client, deadline, location, or manager in a lead changed;

Work Orders

  • A work order was created or deleted;

  • Status, location, client, type, deadline, appointment time, manager, assigned specialist in the work order has changed;

  • A work, service, or product was added or removed from the work order;


  • A sale was created or deleted;


  • Invoice created or deleted;

  • Cashbox created or deleted;

  • Client refund created or deleted;


  • The product was created or deleted;

  • The product name has changed;

  • Posting, Write-off, Purchase return, Stock take created or deleted;
    The Transfer was created;


  • Client created or deleted;

  • Discount changed;

  • Feedback from the client is received;

Calls and SMS

  • Incoming/outgoing call (with the possibility to listen to a recording of the call);

  • SMS sent (with the message text);


  • An employee created or deleted;

  • A location created or deleted;

  • Warehouse created or deleted;

Payroll Calculation Rules:

  • Commission created;

  • Commission modified;

  • Commission applied;

  • Commission unapplied;

  • Commission deleted;


  • A comment in a work order has been created;

  • File in the work order is attached or deleted;


  • The user is logged in (showing the login IP address).

Step 2. Click Apply.

Done! The report is successfully generated and displayed in the table.

Important: The Activity Log is filled with your data for the year 2021. If you haven't done anything in your account since the article was published, old events will not be displayed in full. For example, for the “work order status changed” event, only the most recent status will be shown in the “Additional” column. But once you start actively working, the report will quickly fill up with data as it should be displayed.

Working with the Activity Log

To sort the table by column “Date and time” click on its name.

If you click on the document number, client name, or product name, a dialog window will open.

The “Additional” column displays more detailed information about the event.

How can I restore deleted objects in the Activity Log?

In the Additional column, you can restore the following deleted objects: Tasks, Leads, Clients, Invoices, Cashboxes, Warehouses, and Products. To do this, click Restore.

Note that a deleted work order cannot be restored in the Event Log. To restore it, contact Support.

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