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Product Write-Off
Product Write-Off

Find out what are the ways of manual write-off of products from the inventory in RemOnline

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The write-off of products is an important part of the inventory management process. There may be many reasons for this: expiry date, breakage, breakdown, loss of quality, loss of use, etc.

The write-off is necessary to ensure that the actual quantity of goods corresponds to the data in the RemOnline system.

You can write off goods on the Inventory > Write-off page or on the Inventory > Stock page.

Product Write-Off on the Inventory > Write-off Page

Click + Write-Off. Two options are possible: write-off of non-serial and serial products.

Non-Serial Product Write-Off

1. Scan the barcode, code, SKU, or enter the name of the product.

RemOnline will show you the number of items in the stocks available to you and prompt you to choose from which warehouse it can be written off. If you already know which warehouse you need to write off, you can select it from the list to limit your selection.

2. Specify the number of items to be written off. If you want to write off all items, click Add All.

3. Select a bin, if you have bin locations enabled.

4. Click Save.

Serial Product Write-Off

1. Scan the serial number, if you need to write off a specific item of products (the warehouse and the number of such products are determined automatically).

2. Scan the barcode or enter the name if more than one item is to be written off.

3. Indicate the warehouse (if the products are in more than one warehouse).

4. Indicate the number of goods (a few or all units).

5. Click Save.

By selecting a specific series of items, you can group them by bins or by warranty date. To do this, click the sorting button .

6. If necessary, add a comment for the write-off (e.g. defective and its description). When all the data for the operation is specified, click Write off.

Please note that if the write-off of products is associated with financial transactions, the income/expense in the cashbox must be created separately.

To print a write-off document open it and click 🖨️ Print. To remove the write-off click the Delete button — all products will return to the warehouse from which the write-off was made.

Search in the list of write-offs is performed according to the following parameters:

  • Document number

  • The employee who created the document

  • Warehouse

  • Comments to the document

Product Write-Off on the Inventory > Stock Page

Select an item using the checkboxes and click More actions. Then select Write off.

Writing off on the Inventory > Stock page is useful when you need to quickly clear the stock of unneeded products.

This opens the write-off dialogue that will automatically add the entire amount of selected products. Here you can edit the number of products, remove items from the list or add other goods. Leave a comment if needed and click Write off.

You can see the write-off document on the Inventory > Write-off page.

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