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How To Work With The “Stock” Page?
How To Work With The “Stock” Page?

Learn how to work with the stock balance table

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Inventory > Stock page displays all products added manually, by importing or posting.

Let's review the tools for working with the residuals table.

Search field — in this field, you can write the name, SKU of the product, or simply scan the barcode for a quick and accurate search in the warehouse.

Note: autofocus works for the search box. You can start writing a name or scan a barcode without clicking in this field.

Warehouse — in this field you can select the warehouse to view the remaining goods.

Bin location — in this field you can select the bin in the warehouse to view the balances of products if you use bin locations.

Please note: if selecting the All bins filter, you will see the quantity in each bin when hovering over the quantity of products in the In stock column.

Category — in this field you can find and select the category of products to view the balances in it.

Filter Availability — in this field you can select products based on availability in the warehouse: All, In stock only, Below minimum stock.

Export — using this button you can export the stock to your PC as an Excel file.

Please note that the export runs according to the set filter parameters. When a particular warehouse, bin, or category is selected, the Excel file will contain only the items that match the filter.

Table settings — this button is used to configure the display of columns in the table of product balances. To change the width of a column, drag on its right border. To reposition a column, hold and drag it to the desired location.

You can sort products by a specific column. To do this, click on the column and an up arrow will appear in it (sorting from A to Z), after pressing again, a down arrow will appear (sorting from Z to A).

Using the Checkbox column, you can select or deselect all products on one page.

After selecting an item using the checkbox, a panel with buttons for additional actions appears below.

Printer Button 🖨️ — press it to launch Price tag printing or Label printing.

More actions — click on this button to open a list of possible additional actions:

  1. Export — export the selected products to your PC as an Excel file.

  2. Mergemerging the selected products into one, with the subsequent removal of duplicates.

  3. Transfertransfer the selected products.

  4. Write offwrite off the selected products.

  5. Sellsells the selected products.

Delete button — click on this button to delete the selected products.

Important: you cannot delete a product if it has a non-zero balance and you need to write it off before deleting it.

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