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Tags are a convenient tool for segmenting and searching clients and payments in RemOnline.

Creating tags

Create your tags in the income/expenditure or client dialog window.

Payment tags

Create payment tags only in the income/expenditure dialog window.

Note: you cannot add tags to existing payments.

Combine Cash Flow Items with RemOnline tags to enhance the search and segmentation of your payments.

Example: The “Payroll” cash flow item represents the payrolls for all employees. At the same time, you can add tags with employee names and payroll types to your payroll items. This way, you can see the big picture and detailed information about cash flow events for specific employees.

Client tags

Create your client tags for both existing and new clients in the client dialog window.

You can divide your client database into client groups.

For instance, you can create a “Regular” or “Loyal” client tag to filter your clients when notifying them about your new services or promotions. Moreover, you may want to provide alternative terms of services for regular clients or to ask the loyal ones for feedback.

Editing tags

Navigate to the “Settings > Tags” page to edit your tags. The tag editing tab is divided into 2 sections: “Payments” and “Clients” tag groups. Edit, group, and remove tags here.

You can also see the “Tag use counter” in the tags table showing the number of entities with specific tags assigned to them. Sort table entries by tag name or tag use counter by clicking on the respective column name.

Double-click the needed tag to edit it. Enter the changes and hit the “Save” button in the popup window.

You can also merge tags. Select the tags you want to merge, click the “More actions” button and hit the “Merge” option. This opens a dialog window for you to enter the tag that will replace the selected ones.

To remove one or several tags, just select the needed ones, press the “Remove” button and confirm the operation.

The system automatically applies all changes you make in the tag editor to your payment and client tags.

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