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Working With Leads
Working With Leads

Learn how to convert more Leads directly into sales or service deals

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Now when you know how to create new Leads in RemOnline, it’s time to learn how to manage them in the right way. All newly created items can be found on the “Leads” page. For best user experience, the RemOnline team has been working hard to provide you with the following features: the Lead Table, vast filtering options, badges, advanced search by different criteria, and even more.

Managing Leads

Open a dialog window and use setup to configure your Leads, simply select what you need by number, or double-click the row you want to review.

This dialog window represents the relevant data on Leads, along with their date of creation. Here you can make every field configured to your business needs. Once you’re done, don’t forget to save your progress.

Leads may be transferred from one Lead status to another as they move through different stages of your workflow. You can change the Lead status on the Lead Table, or directly in the Lead dialog window. Learn more about using Lead statuses here. Read full information about Lead status setup here.

Won Leads

There are only 2 options available for Leads. They can either grow into the “Won” Leads (for successful orders / sales), or go to waste marked as the “Lost” ones (for eventually canceled, mishandled, or too expensive deals). To speed up the process, RemOnline will automatically open a new dialog window — every time the Lead you’re currently working on gets the “Won” status.

With every new Order / Sale you put in the system, a corresponding Lead will be automatically updated. Here you can see a dialog window with relevant data and a direct link to the document.

Check out the dialog window of Orders / Sales to review all the relevant information on Leads (if available), with a quick option to shift between them.

Note: Your Leads can not be modified upon falling into the “Won” category.

Hint: Use the RemOnline Reporting feature to track the efficiency of your ads, based on the actual data from Leads.

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