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Advanced Search and Filtering Options for Leads
Advanced Search and Filtering Options for Leads

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Leads Filtering

Use custom filters when you need to deal with multiple items. Use the RemOnline interface to sort lots of different items by certain criteria of your choice.

To set the right filters on the “Leads” page, simply select the right criteria from available items found on top of the table.

Lead Type — use this filter to sort out Leads by type, based on your selection.

Location — here you can select a specific location or all available locations. The Leads having no location assigned will be displayed along with the “Without location” checkbox.

Status — choose between making a single selection, select multiple statuses, and all available statuses.

Manager — this filter shows the Leads assigned to the employee marked as a responsible manager in charge (more information about your Leads can be found in a dialog window).

Created — use this filter to review all Leads found within a specific period of time, based on the date of creation.

Note: Filtered results will be instantly displayed upon a click. Once you specify the needed filtering criteria, the table will display only those Leads matching the chosen parameters.

Advanced Search on the “Leads” page

RemOnline provides you with a simple way to find exactly what you need even without necessarily going elsewhere. Just start typing and all potentially matching items will be instantly displayed in the search window.

Note: You need to insert at least 3 symbols and press Enter to start searching.

You can search Leads by their number in the system, by client, and comment.

Hint: For better convenience, the RemOnline team recommends that you have at least 3-digit numeration order so that you can use the advanced search by Lead number and quickly find exactly what you need.

Note: Advanced search can be used along with the Lead badges and custom filters.

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