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How to Use Lead Statuses in RemOnline?
How to Use Lead Statuses in RemOnline?

Learn how to make Lead management more controllable

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Lead statuses are intended to help you build up a more effective business workflow.

You can easily create a customized process of Lead management by creating rules for their transfer through different statuses. Rules for Lead status transfer can be configured on the “Settings > Statuses > Leads” page using the “Statuses you can transfer this status to” checkbox.

Transfer Rules for Lead Statuses

Some of your Leads may receive a wrong status, usually it happens due to human error. This often results in mishandled Leads without converting them into actual sales of service deals. Transferring Leads to the wrong status may also trigger sending incorrect automated notifications to your clients. Transfer rules for Lead statuses are intended to completely eliminate these unfortunate scenarios.

There is a basic set of transfer rules for Lead statuses available in the RemOnline system by default. Leads with the “New lead” status can be only transferred to the “In work” status.

Leads with the “In work” status can be transferred to any status from the “Won” and “Lost” status groups.

At the same time, however, Leads from the “Won” and “Lost” status groups can not be transferred any further.

As a result, you can use a cross-referenced chain of Lead statuses. Meaning that you have basic restrictions when transferring Leads to different statuses, along with several options available in some cases.

For greater control and zero human error, you can configure the following rules for Lead status transfer. You can create a separate chain of Lead statuses by adding new statuses to each group with preset rules for their transfer.

Example:New lead - website” > “In work - website” > “Control - website” > “Successful order - website” or “Successful sale - website”.

To configure this chain of Lead statuses, you need to select the “New - website” Lead status and fill the “In work - website” checkbox from the list of available statuses.

Next press the “In work - website” Lead status and fill the “Control - website” checkbox from the list of available statuses.

Such rule-based order will help you drive human error to the minimum, preventing your employees from putting Leads into the wrong status and occasionally having them mishandled.

Lead statuses can also be used to make Leads automatically converted into successful order / sale, work with badges into the Lead table, or become triggers for SMS and email notifications.

Creating Order / Sale from Your Lead

The RemOnline system will automatically create a corresponding dialog window when changing the Lead status to “Successful order” or “Successful sale”. To complete the Lead transfer to this status, your employee will have to create a relevant order / sale.

Automated SMS / Email / Telegram Notifications

You can use RemOnline to automatically send notifications to clients and employees based on corresponding events in the Lead statuses, which serve as triggers for template notifications and their automated sending.

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