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How to create and configure a location?
How to create and configure a location?

Find out how to add and what to use locations in RemOnline

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RemOnline enables you to register locations of your company if you have several branches (offices) to manage.

Adding and Configuring Locations

Step 1. Make sure you add a new location to your Subscription Plan on the Settings > Subscription page.

Remember: RemOnline recalculates the new subscription duration upon the plan change. The system will require you to pay for the new plan if you have insufficient days of the current subscription remaining. You can also renew your current subscription plan and then add a location.

Step 2. Navigate to the Settings > Locations section and hit the + Add location button.

Step 3. Enter the location name and address.

Step 4. Configure the working hours of the location. Working hours are taken into account:

Step 5. Select the location icon and color to distinguish it from other locations visually on the manager dashboard.

Why it is crucial: For instance, when you transfer work orders from one location to another, they gain an icon of the destination location.

Step 6. Set the default work order type:

  • You can select a specific work order type while creating a new work order

  • RemOnline will offer you to “Remember the last one” to generate work orders of this type by default

  • You can select a Not specified work order type so the system will ask for a type selection upon work order creation.

Step 7. Configure the work order numbering template. Learn more about work order numbering template configuration for your locations here.

Step 8. Configure the document numbering template. RemOnline uses this template for the documents related to postings, write-offs, transfers, stock take, supplier returns, and sales.

Step 9. Provide or restrict employee access to your location.

The Access column means that the employee will be able to open that location and see the data in it. The Work Schedule column displays the employee in the Work Schedule for that location.

You can also set up the Access to locations in the employee's dialog box.

Step 10. Click Save.

Done! The location is successfully created and displayed in the list. You can now open it and add location resources to control the loading of both employees and equipment in the Work Order Scheduler.

Editing and Removing Locations

If necessary, you can edit or delete a location. To do this, double-click on the location name, edit it and save the changes or click on the delete button.

Note that to delete a location, you need to clear the warehouses of that location from goods. That is, all items in the warehouses must have a zero balance.

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