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How to create an account in RemOnline?
How to create an account in RemOnline?

Find out how to sign up in RemOnline and choose the needed type of activity

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To create an account in RemOnline, go to the signup page and follow three simple steps.

Step 1. Account Details

Enter your email address, create a password, and click the "Get started free" button. The password must be at least 6 characters long.

Step 2. Business Information

Enter information about your business:

  • company name (mandatory field)

  • number of employees who will use RemOnline (mandatory field)

  • country and city (mandatory field)

  • first name (mandatory field)

  • last name

  • phone number (mandatory field)

Click “Continue.”

Step 3. Company Template

Select your type of activity from the drop-down list.

Specifying your business activity type saves time on account configuration — industry-specific asset and malfunction directories, document templates, work order forms, lists of labors and services, etc., will be pre-configured in your account.

E.g., let’s select an Auto Repair template. You will get a list of car repair services, common malfunctions, brands and models of car manufacturers, and templates of documents used in auto repair shops (work orders, car transfer acceptance certificates, diagnostic checklist, etc.) And if you choose an Electronics Repair template, you will get directories and documents related to computers, smartphones, tablets, mining equipment, and other devices.

If your type of activity is not on the list, select "Another type of activity". In this case, your template will contain standard work order forms and document templates without asset and service directories.

Please note: if two different activity types apply to your business, e.g., "Appliances Repair" and "Small Engine and Power Tools", select one of them instead of "Another type of activity". By selecting a particular type of activity, you will get a pre-configured template that our support team can complete with missing directories from another type of activity. It will be faster than filling in and customizing an empty template.

Select a language of documents and directories. The selected language affects not only the text of the document and directory templates but also the list of services, names of fields in the work order form, cash flow items, and status names. Some elements are system-related, so you will need our support team's help to rename them. Therefore, be careful when choosing the language of documents and directories.

Click the "Select a template" button.

That’s it! You’ve successfully signed up in RemOnline. Learn more about the initial account setup in this article.

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