Purchase Returns to Suppliers

Learn how to return defective merchandise to your supplier

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RemOnline offers you the functionality to return a defective product to the supplier.

Processing a Purchase Return

You can issue a purchase return only from a posting document. Do the following:

1. On the Inventory > Postings page, open a posting document. You can also switch to the document from the Shipments tab of the product dialog window.

2. At the bottom right, click Purchase Returns.

3. Specify the warehouse and quantity of goods to be returned.

By default, RemOnline displays the number of items available for return in the warehouse where you received the goods. If your employees don’t have access to it, they will see an empty table. If there are transferred products in this posting, the list will show all warehouses to which your employees have access and where these goods are.

Important: In one document you can make the return of goods from one warehouse only. If goods from the posting belong to different warehouses, you have to either return them to one warehouse via transfer or make several purchase returns.

For serial products, you have to select or enter their serial numbers.

You can change the price per item, if necessary.

4. Check the checkbox Cashbox deposit if the supplier pays you in full for returned items.

5. Click Return.

If the checkbox Cashbox deposit was checked, the dialog box for a cashbox deposit will open, where you need to specify the payment method, cashbox, and cashier for the return of funds.

You can make an On account of debt refund if your supplier doesn't pay you back right away. Read more about supplier debt repayment in this article.

Please note that to make a payment on account of the debt, you need to enable the right Can make payments on account of the client's debt in the settings of the employee's role.

The receipt will be displayed: in the return itself, in the table Cash Flow, and in the window of the supplier on the Payments tab with the comment Refunds from the supplier №.

List of Returns to Supplier Documents

You can see a list of all returns on the Inventory > Purchase Returns page. The table displays: the number of the return, the date and time of the return creation, the related posting, supplier name, employee name, comment, and amount of the return with the cashbox. At the bottom of the table, you will see the total number and total amount of returns.

You can hide unnecessary columns using the table button on the right.

Use the following parameters to search in the list of purchase returns:

  • Document Number

  • Number of the related document (Posting)

  • Warehouse

  • Supplier

  • The employee who created the purchase return

  • Comment to the document

You can view or print any document if you have the appropriate access rights.

Deleting a Purchase Return

To delete a purchase return, first, delete a payment on it (if there was one).

Then click Delete. The products from this return will automatically get back to the warehouse from which it was added.

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