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Products Below Minimum Stock Report
Products Below Minimum Stock Report

Learn how to streamline the process of ordering merchandise for a supplier

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Planning is the best savings tool, so if you want to avoid unnecessary spending, plan your stock levels and make lists. In RemOnline, you can do this with the Products below minimum stock report.

The report is generated on the Reports > Warehouse > Products below minimum stock page. Report based on the minimum and maximum stock levels which are set in the product profile or while posting new goods.

Why do I Need the Products Below Minimum Stock Report?

Using this report you can easily generate a purchase order for a supplier.

The report is generated by two parameters:

  • Warehouse. Select one / several / all warehouses of all locations (if there is more than one).

  • Category. Choose a product category.

After selecting the parameters, click Apply.

The report shows SKU, the warehouse for which the product is needed, availability (at the time the report is generated), quantity, how much is needed to purchase, and the approximate amount of money that is based on the previous purchase price.

You can also customize the display of columns in this report. To do this, click on the table button and tick the necessary columns.

The Products below minimum stock report can be printed immediately or exported to your PC as an Excel file.

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