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Paying Compensations To Employees
Paying Compensations To Employees

Find out how employees are paid in RemOnline

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Salaries are paid in the employee's profile on the Payroll tab.

Remember that an employee's salary in RemOnline can consist of several parts:

Current balance. Here, you can see the employee's current balance, which consists of the accrued and paid salary to this employee.

Please note that the current balance is not affected by payroll calculation. The calculated amount will be displayed on the right until you accrue payroll.

An employee's balance can be in three modes: We owe employee (negative number), You`re settled up (zero), and The employee owes us (positive number).

Estimated amount to pay. This displays the amount we owe the employee on the balance sheet + the amount of the calculated part of the salary that we have not yet accrued to the balance sheet. This indicator was created for convenience, enabling you to make partial salary payments.

On the right, you can see the calculated and accrued salary status for the last three months, including the current one. Remember that payroll accruals are performed on the Finance > Payroll Accruals page. Find more information in this article.

Note: you can pay your employees regardless of whether you have made accruals. You can pay salaries twice a month or weekly (according to your company processes), but it is only possible to make the current month’s accruals in the next month.

To make a payment, click the + Payment button.

Enter the amount to be paid. Please note that this field is automatically filled with the entire estimated amount payable, but you can change it.

Next, specify a cashbox. If necessary, change the comment and select a cash flow item. Click Create.

Done! The amounts on the Payroll tab have automatically changed according to the payment amount. And the payment itself is displayed in the cashbox and on the Balance tab in the employee's profile.

How to pay salaries daily, weekly, or for another period

So you don't have to make accruals to pay salaries.

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