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Payroll Calculation And Accrual
Payroll Calculation And Accrual

Find out where to set up a general salary calculation to further accrual the employee's balance

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Payroll Calculation

On the Finance > Payroll Calculation page, you can see information about all employees' calculated but not yet accrued salaries.

On this page, you can monitor and control how the payroll in your company is growing and plan your budget. After all, you must prepare the specified amount to pay your employees.

You can calculate payroll for one month. In the table, you will see:

Double-click the employee's name to see more detailed information on the payroll.

In the Base salary section, you can see all the base salaries accrued for the current month.

You can click on a base salary amount to edit it. For example, you need to reduce the monthly base salary amount because an employee was hired not at the beginning of the month.

You can also see base salary adjustments here if you have changed the work schedule in the accrued periods.

The Commissions section displays all documents for which the payroll calculation rules have been triggered. Each document can be expanded to see what exactly was calculated. Click the information icon to view the rule.

Please note that changes to the calculation rules, editing the cost of services or products in work orders, or exceptional commissions will not change the calculated commission amount for this period. Any changes will be calculated after you change the rule. Only changing the amount/profit of the document or the complete deletion of a document can affect the amount of the calculated commission, provided that the "Cancel calculation if document or product is deleted" checkbox is enabled in the calculation rule.

It can also display adjustments or cancelations of bonuses, for example, if you deleted something in an already accrued period.

You can also influence the amount of the calculation by setting penalties and bonuses.

In the Penalties and Bonuses sections, you can view, delete, or create new penalties and bonuses.

You can also view canceled bonuses and penalties, for example, if you deleted them in an already accrued period.

After checking the calculations, you can create payroll rules for individual employees or all employees simultaneously.

Payroll accrual

There are two ways to accrue payroll.

Option 1. Accrual after the calculation on the Finance > Payroll Calculation page.

Enable checkboxes for the employees you need, and click More actions -> Create accrual.

Please note that you can't accrue payroll for the current month or a custom period. Therefore, if you have chosen to display the calculation for a week, you cannot select employees to be accrued.

After checking the calculation, click Create or Save as Draft.

Option 2. Accrual on the Finance > Payroll Accruals page.

Click the + Accrual button. Select the month and employees for whom you want to make the accrual and click Show calculation.

The calculation for each employee will appear in the table. Double-click a name to see more detailed information.

Click the Save as Draft button to save this accrual as a draft, or click the Create button to create the accrual.

After creating the accrual, the calculated amount of the salary will be automatically accrued to the employee's balance.

Note: you cannot accrue payroll for the current month. However, if you need to pay salary during the month (e.g., in parts or weekly), you can do it in the employee's profile on the Payroll tab. Learn more about paying salaries to employees in this article.

Accruals table

In the table, you can see accruals and drafts grouped by month.

Remember that you can create only 1 accrual per month for 1 employee. Therefore, if you need to correct an already created accrual, you must delete it and create a new one. Or you can use drafts to prevent such situations.

Click on the accrual number to print, make exports or delete it.

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