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Penalties And Bonuses For Employees
Penalties And Bonuses For Employees

Learn how to configure penalties and bonuses for employees

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In addition to the base salary, commissions, and exceptional commissions, RemOnline allows you to apply penalties and bonuses to employees, which can be used to reduce or increase the amount to be charged manually.

You can add penalties and bonuses on the Compensation tab in the employee profile or the payroll calculation window. Click the + Penalty / + Bonus button.

Enter the date, amount, and comment, and click the Create button.

Please note that you can create bonuses and penalties retroactively, but you cannot create them for a month that has already been accrued. That is, if you have already made payroll for an employee for January 2023, you will not be able to create a penalty or bonus in January 2023 for this employee.

Done! The bonus or penalty is created and displayed on the Compensation tab in the employee profile or the payroll calculation window. Double-click on the line to delete the bonus/penalty. You cannot edit an incorrect transaction, you must delete it and create a new one.

Please note that if you delete a penalty/bonus in an already accrued month, the calculation and balance of the employee will be adjusted in the current period. If you delete it in a month that has not been accrued, the penalty/bonus will simply disappear from the calculation.

Please note that bonuses and penalties are not immediately calculated to the employee's balance. They are included in the payroll calculation. To add them to the employee's balance, you must make this month's accruals. Read more about payroll calculation and accrual in this article.

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