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Creating Work Orders in the RemOnline App
Creating Work Orders in the RemOnline App

Learn how to create a work order in the RemOnline mobile application

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Creating a work order in the RemOnline application is similar to creating a work order in the web version.

1. Tap the + in the upper right corner of the RemOnline section and select a work order type.

2. Assign a manager and specialist to the work order.

3. Specify information about a client and their asset.

Tap the Add Asset button and use the search to find an existing asset, or tap the + in the upper right corner to create a new asset.

If you add an existing asset, the client who owns this asset will be automatically added to the work order.

When creating a new asset, specify whether it belongs to the client. Then fill in all the information about the asset and save the changes.

Important: currently, the mobile application does not pull values from directories for asset fields, so you need to enter the data manually. In future updates, selecting values from directories linked to asset fields will be possible.

Similarly, you add a client to a work order. Tap the Add client button and use the search, or create a new client by taping + in the upper right corner.

If you add an existing client first, then when adding an asset, only those assets that belong to this client will be displayed in the list.

Swipe left and tap the cross to remove an asset or a client from the work order.

4. Fill in the work order details.

You can select values from the directory if a directory is linked to a field in the work order form.

Remember that you can customize the work order form, add or delete fields, change their order, link specific directories, etc. Read more about customizing the work order form in this article.

5. If necessary, specify the prepayment from your client and tap the Save button in the upper right corner.

If you specify a prepayment, you will see a payment window in which you must select a cashbox.

Done! You have created a new work order and can now add labors and materials.

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