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Closing Work Orders Via The RemOnline App
Closing Work Orders Via The RemOnline App

Find out how to close work orders in the mobile app

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Closing work orders is necessary to see the overall company’s performance and to get correct financial statements and analytics.

Work Orders can be closed either successfully (your company has provided all the necessary services and materials to the client) or unsuccessfully (in case of customer rejection). In RemOnline, there are two different status groups: Closed and Dropped off.

We recommend that you create several statuses in the Dropped off group with the most common reasons for rejection (Price, Quality, Terms, etc.).

It is important to set a status corresponding to the reason for rejection. Later on, you will be able to view the statistics of unsuccessful work orders in the Manager Dashboard on the Analytics > Dashboard page.

When you update work orders to a status of the Closed or Dropped off groups, a payment window opens automatically.

Let's have a look at how work orders are closed in RemOnline.

How to Close Work Orders

Update the work order status to one in the Closed group.

1. If the work order has not yet been paid or the amount of prepayment is less than the work order amount, a payment window will automatically open. Select a cashbox, change the date of the transaction, or comment, if necessary. Click Save.

You can also close work orders in debt by selecting the Record due to balance option. The total amount of the work order is deducted from the client's balance. You can see the amount charged in the client profile or on the Finance > Balances page of the RemOnline web version.

Important: To be able to receive debt payments, employees should have the "Can make payments against customer debt" right enabled in the settings of their roles. Find more information on how to deal with client debts in this article.

2. If the prepayment amount is more than the total amount of the work order, you will see a window for refunding the work order prepayment. Select a cashbox from which you want to return the prepayment and click Save.

3. If the prepayment amount is equal to the total amount of the work order, the work order will go to a Closed status and you will not see the payment window.

Important: According to the For the order closing payroll rule, RemOnline rewards the employee who changed the work order status to Closed, not the cashier!

Done! The work order is closed and the payment is deposited to the cashbox or written off the client's balance.

How to Dropped Off Work Orders

Use this option of closing work orders in case of customer rejection. So, you don’t need to delete a failed work order, just update it to a dropped off status.

Update the work order status to one in the Dropped off group.

1. If there aren’t any works or materials in the work order, the status will be changed immediately.

2. If the work order includes works and materials for which your technician should be paid but the client refuses to pay for them, you can make a payment in a separate cashbox. You may call this cashbox "Losses", for example. After that, you can adjust this client’s balance, if you want to indicate that he or she owes you.

Done! The work order is dropped off and is displayed on the Dashboard.

3. It may happen that you perform Diagnostics services but the client refuses to accept further services.

In this case, you need to create a separate status in the Closed group (e.g. "Closed (Diagnostics)") and update the work order to this status.

Thus, you will successfully close the work order because the initial work was completed and the work order is considered successful. But you will also understand that the client rejected to purchase further services. In the system, you can select such work orders for further processing using the filter. The balance of such clients will be also displayed correctly.

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