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The Client Table
The Client Table

Learn how to edit the client table and the information it contains

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The Client Table is a table located on the Clients page. It displays all the created clients and information about them.

The table is composed of columns and rows. You can use the columns to display the necessary information in the client's row.

To add or remove columns click the table button in the right corner and use the checkboxes to select the required columns. Checkbox and Name/Company are system columns so they cannot be removed.

Columns correspond to the fields in the client form. To change the width of a column, drag on its right side. To change the location of the column, click and drag it to a new position.

You can sort your clients by a particular column. To do this, click on the column and it will show an upward bar (sorting from A to Z). After you click again, it will show a downward bar (sorting from Z to A).

Use the Checkbox column to select or deselect all clients on one page. Click on the name of the client to open the client profile. Click on the phone number to call or send a message (WhatsApp, Viber, SMS) to the client.

You can also filter by different types of clients in the table: Individuals or Companies, Customers or Suppliers. Click on the filter you want, located above the client table. Two filters can be set at the same time, e.g. Individuals and Suppliers.

Please make sure that the clients are shared for all locations if you have several of them.

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