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The Work Order Table

Find out how to edit the Work Order Table and its display format

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The Work Order Table contains all created orders and their information. You can find the Work Orders Table in the Work Orders page.

If the created work order does not appear in the table, read this article to learn more about possible causes.

RemOnline allows you to configure work orders table columns, so you only see the needed work order-related data. Hit the table icon in the upper right corner to add or remove table columns by checking the column checkboxes.

Note: You cannot remove the Checkbox and Work Order № system columns of the work orders table.

You can always change the column width by dragging it to make the right fit. If you need to relocate the columns, simply hold the field and keep it moving to a new place.

To select a custom sort work order by any column, just hit the one you want to see displayed first and vice versa. For example, when you need to review the most recent Work Orders sorted by date, simply click the Created column. Also, you can use advanced filtering options.

Use the Checkbox column to select or cancel selecting all work orders on the page for bulk work order actions.

Hit the work order number to open an work order profile.

Click the status name to change the status for a selected work order.

Hit the Asset Serial number/IMEI/VIN to open an asset profile.

Press the client's name to open the client profile. Here you can also call clients or send them SMS/WhatsApp/Viber messages (if you have enabled the appropriate integrations).

The Due date column displays the remaining time for a work order due date.

Your work orders become overdue and get an overdue icon (filled clock) if you don't transfer them to the Done status before the deadline comes.

Find the remaining status time limits duration in the Status deadline column. This column gets a lightning icon if you overdue your work order by status. In that case, you can see the negative time value — it's overdue-by-status time.

Note: you can set and monitor the status time limits in the Subscription Plans Business and higher.

Use badges to view only overdue-by-date or overdue-by-status work orders.

Filter your work orders by location. You can switch between locations by selecting the needed one from the dropdown list on the top of a page.

Find out more about adding and configuring locations here.

Сlick on the calendar icon to go to the Work Order Scheduler.

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