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Find out what additional setup services are available in RemOnline

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The RemOnline support team is always ready to provide you with all the information and guidelines on how to set up your account and business processes.

If you don't have time to get into the fine details of setup or train your employees on how to work in the system, request a setup assistance service.

Setup Assistance Services Pricelist



Price, €


Setting Up Document Templates

Setting up labels or price tags


May require customizing the workflow

Setting up document template (1 page)


May require customizing the workflow

Setting up document template (2 and more pages)


May require customizing the workflow

Data Import And Migration From Other Systems

Work Orders Import


Client Import


Product Import


Image Import

(for Products)


Up to 5000 images (1 for each product). Only possible if there are links to images and created product profiles in RemOnline.

Asset Import


If separate from Work Orders

Loading Directories


Setting Up Workflows

Setting up statuses, transfer of assets, mandatory actions


Setting up Work Orders, Leads, Clients, Products or Assets form


May require loading directories

Training For Employees

Webinar / Presentation


Other Settings

Setting up VoIP


Any other customization is discussed individually.

How to Request a Setup Assistance Service

1. Contact the support chat. Describe exactly what kind of service you need.

2. One of our setup managers will contact you to coordinate and clarify details and terms.

For example, if you need to add non-standard document templates, the manager will evaluate the possibility and timing of implementation. When setting up workflows, the manager will clarify all the details to transfer your work processes into the system as accurately as possible. If you need to train your employees, we will agree with you on a convenient time for the presentation.

3. After all details are clarified, our setup manager will get to work.

Please note that free support services include only recommendations on how to configure RemOnline. Users themselves within their access rights make/edit/delete data, set the logic of processes, connect third-party services, and make other settings of the account.

Find guidelines and tutorials on setting up RemOnline in our Help Center.

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