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How To Edit The Posting Document?
How To Edit The Posting Document?

In this article, we will answer the questions about the editing of the posting document in RemOnline

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RemOnline does not allow you to edit the posting after it has been created. We decided not to provide this option because it causes a lot of inconveniences when working with the inventory.

The best way to solve this problem is to remove the current posting document and upload a new one:

1. Go to the Inventory > Postings page and select a posting by clicking on its number.

2. Click the delete button and confirm the action.

Important: If you click the delete button and see the message “You cannot remove this posting because there are payments associated with it”, you need to delete the posting-related payment. After that, you will be able to delete the posting.

3. Re-post the products by entering the correct data in the posting document.

Important: the document can be deleted only if there are no products added to work orders or sales.

If there is no delete button in the document, this means that the goods from this posting were used in work orders or sales and you can no longer delete it. In this case, there are two options.

1. If the products are serial, you can write off the items that were incorrectly posted and make a new posting of them.

2. If the products aren’t serial, you cannot write them off from a particular posting. Therefore it is recommended to return them to the supplier from the posting with an error and then make a new correct posting of the products.

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