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How to Creat a Client Refund From The Sale
How to Creat a Client Refund From The Sale

Learn how to return a product or service to the warehouse from sales

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In RemOnline, it is possible to return a product or service from a client back to the warehouse. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on the sale for which you want to make a refund.

Step 2. At the bottom, click More > Client Refund.

Step 3. In a new window, specify the client and the warehouse to which you want to return the product. If only services were sold, you don't need to specify the warehouse.

Step 4. Specify the quantity of services or goods to return and the bin (if using bin locations). If the item is serial, you need to select its serial numbers.

Step 5. Click Create.

Step 6. Specify the employee and cashbox from which the money will be withdrawn.

You can make a refund Due to balance, i.e. return the money to the client later.

Please note that in order to make a payment on account of debt you must enable the right Can make payments on account of the client's debt in the settings of the employee's role.

Step 7. If necessary, adjust the comment and click Create.

The created refund is displayed on the Finance > Client Refunds page.

Important: After the refund, the product will return to the warehouse, but the line with its name and quantity will remain in the sale.

If necessary, the refund can be deleted. Read more in this article.

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