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What are the Cash flow items?
What are the Cash flow items?

Find out how easy it is to keep financial records with Cash flow items

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RemOnline exposes opportunities to systemize, monitor, and analyze incomes and expenses with the cash flow accounting functionality.

Enable cash flow accounting on the Settings > General page in the Accounting section. Check the Use cash flow accounting system checkbox to receive a default set of cash flow items.

There are 6 system cash flow items you cannot edit or remove: Client's payment for service, goods, Prepayment, Refunds from the supplier, Payout, Clients refund, and Supplier payment for service, goods.

How to Add Cash Flow Items?

Hit the + Item button to add a new cash flow item. Enter the item name and select a flow direction: Income or Expense. Hit the Create button.

How to Edit or Remove Cash Flow Items?

Double-click the item name. Apply changes and hit the Save button, or click the delete button to remove the cash flow item from the system.

You can use custom cash flow items only for manual payments. Select the needed cash flow item every time you create the payment on the Finance > Payments page.

Use RemOnline cash flow items to receive a detailed Cash flow Report in the app or export it to an Excel file. This report displays all incomes and expenses grouped by cash flow items. Report also displays the data for removed cash flow items that you've previously used.

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