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How to remove or deactivate employees?
How to remove or deactivate employees?

Instructions for removing and deactivating an employees

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How to Deactivate an Employee

Deactivating an employee blocks the employee's access to RemOnline completely. But as an employer, you may need to keep the account of a deactivated employee for some time in the system to make salary payout, delegate assigned tasks and work orders, etc.

Deactivated employees cannot log in to RemOnline, but their accounts are displayed in the employee lists and your subscription plan. So you, as an owner, can see their payroll data, accrue it, and pay out their salary.

To deactivate an employee, you need to open the employee's profile, click the Deactivate button, and confirm this action.

How to Activate an Employee

To activate an employee, navigate to the profile of a deactivated employee and click the Activate button.

How to Remove an Employee

Step 1. Navigate to the Settings > Employees page. Double-click the name to open an employee profile.

Step 2. Hit the Delete button in the bottom-right corner.

Note: you cannot remove employees with active tasks, leads, and work orders assigned to them. Reassign those tasks to some other employee before removing them. It is also necessary to move assets that are in the employee's warehouse to another asset warehouse or to another employee.

Important: A removed employee will still be displayed in closed work orders, leads, and completed tasks, as well as in relevant reports. However, the removed employee will disappear from payroll calculations that have not yet been accrued.

After deleting an employee, you can remove it from your plan on the Settings > Subscription page.

How to Restore an Employee

Contact our customer support team if you've accidentally removed an employee.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Write an email to [email protected]

  2. Hit the Chat to support button in the bottom right corner to start a New conversation with our support team.

You can access the Chat button on any page on

Remember: you can restore your employee only if it’s available in your Subscription Plan. Otherwise, you have to add an employee to your Subscription Plan before contacting the customer support team.

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