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How to fill out company information and upload a logo?
How to fill out company information and upload a logo?

Find out where to enter the company details and add your company logo

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Company Info Section

Fill in the Company info section on the Settings > General page to have your company information and details automatically transferred to document templates using variables.

Company name. Your company name is accessible via a {Company Name} variable.

Address. Use a {Company Address} variable to access your company address info.

Time zone. Select the time zone of your company. This time will be used to display all information in the system, regardless of the employee's time zone.

If you have several locations with different time zones, choose the time zone of your central location. This time zone will affect the calculation of base salaries with the "Daily" moment of calculation enabled. Daily base salaries will be calculated from 00:00 to 00:59 of the next day in the specified time zone. Penalties and bonuses for employees are also created in this time zone.

Email. Enter your corporate email to access it via a {Company Email} variable.

Company details. Fill out the company details to display them via a {Company Details} variable.

Additional info. Save any additional company information you can access via a {Company Note} variable.

Logo. Upload your company logo. You can put it in your document templates in the Document Template Editor by pressing the “Logo” button.

Note: the size of the logo should not exceed 5 MB.

Note: be sure to save your changes with the Save button at the end of the section.

Please note that the Company details are shared by all locations. Therefore, if you have several locations, fill in the information in this section for the main location so that the details of this location are automatically filled in the document templates via variables.

In document templates for other locations, you can enter the necessary information manually.

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