Integration with LiveChat

Guidance on how to integrate RemOnline with Instagram / WhatsApp / Facebook / Telegram via LiveChat

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RemOnline integrates with LiveChat to automatically create leads and clients from chats (along with the messaging history).

Before following this guide, make sure you already have a LiveChat account. There are a few steps to set up and connect the integration.

The following example is considered in the article:

  1. Receiving messages from Instagram / WhatsApp / Facebook / Telegram to LiveChat.

  2. Creating a lead in RemOnline on the event "Finished chat in LiveChat"

Note: use this guide to integrate with other communication channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram) and save the completed messaging history from these platforms as leads in RemOnline.

How to Set Up Messaging from Instagram to a LiveChat

Connect your business Instagram account to LiveChat — find information on how to connect it here.

After it’s done, every new conversation in Instagram Direct will be transmitted as a chat to LiveChat. The next step is to connect the messaging transfer from LiveChat as leads to RemOnline.

How to Create a Lead in RemOnline from LiveChat via Zapier

Step 1. Connect your RemOnline account in Zapier.

Find more information about connecting and setting up RemOnline in Zapier here.

Step 2. Find and connect your LiveChat account in Zapier.

Step 3. Create a new Zap between LiveChat and RemOnline.

Click “+ Create a Zap”.

In the “Trigger” field, choose LiveChat and specify the desired “Trigger Event”, for example, “Finished Chat”. Then, click “Continue”.

Choose the connected LiveChat account and click “Continue”.

Test Trigger. If the test was successful, click “Continue”.

In the “Action” section, choose RemOnline and specify the desired “Action Event”, for example, “Create a Lead”. Click “Continue”.

Choose the connected RemOnline account and click “Continue”.

You choose the field from the Lead form to which the information from LiveChat should be transferred. To do this, click on the field name and choose the required value.

Also, configure the messaging history to be transferred to the “Comment” system field. To do this, click the “Additional description” field and select “Chat transcript”.

When configuring the integration, you can create any other field in the RemOnline Lead form and transfer the messaging history to this field.

There is one mandatory field (Lead type ID) and three optional fields (Manager ID, Location ID and Ad Campaign) in which you must specify the numeric ID.

There are two ways to find out the ID for this field.

1 method. View the ID through Inspect or Address Bar in the browser.

Go to the Settings > Locations page. Right-click and select Inspect from the context menu.

Choose the arrow in the upper left corner of Inspect in the Elements tab.

Select the needed location and click.

As a result, in the Elements tab, you will see the ID of this location.

To check precisely, put the cursor over the ID and make sure that the needed location is highlighted.

Similarly, you can find the values for the Manager ID and Engineer ID fields on the Settings > Employees page, and the value for the Ad Campaign field on the Settings > Marketing page.

You can see the ID for the Lead type in the browser address bar.

On the Settings > Forms editor > Leads page, select a lead type. After that, in the address bar, you will see the digital ID for this lead type.

2 method. Get ID using API

The API documentation for RemOnline describes all available API methods.

The Leads > Company leads section describes the method for getting all types of leads with their IDs.

The Locations section describes a method for retrieving all the locations in your account with their IDs.

The Employees section describes a method for retrieving all the employees in your account with their IDs.

The Clients > Ad Campaigns section describes the method for getting all clients with their IDs.

After Set up Action, click “Continue”.

Make an Action Test.

If the test was successful and a Lead was created in your RemOnline account, click the “Publish Zap” button.

Leads from LiveChat will now be automatically created in your RemOnline account with the messaging history in the “Comment” field.

Only the client's name is automatically pulled from Instagram Direct. Therefore, when your employees chat with clients in LiveChat, they should fill in the phone number before the chat ends. If the phone number is not entered before the chat ends, a Lead will not be created in RemOnline, as the phone number is a mandatory field in the Lead.

Note: specify a phone number in an international format to correctly transfer it to the RemOnline system (for example, +380012345678).

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