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How to fill the company's Services list?
How to fill the company's Services list?

How to add labors and services to your RemOnline account

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Navigate to the Settings > Labors and Service list page to find a “Service and Labors list” directory. It represents your company's price list.

The Services and Labors list will help you process your work orders more quickly. Selecting services from the ready-made list will save you a lot of time. Learn more about how to work with the List of Services and Labors in this article.

Adding labors and services manually

Step 1. Go to the Settings > Labors and Service list page and hit the “+ Service” button.

Step 2. Choose the type: Labor or Service.

Step 3. Choose or create a new service category.

Step 4. Enter the service name, price, and cost (if present).

Note: that the Name is a unique identifier, meaning there cannot be two services with the same name.

Step 5. Set up the warranty period for your client service (if applicable). You can later include it in your printed documents.

Step 6. Add or create a service barcode (if you use them for your services).

Step 7. If necessary, set an exceptional commission for the employee for selling this service or for adding the service to a work order. It can be a percentage of the service price, a fixed amount of money, or both. If you leave this field blank, the standard payroll calculation rules will apply to the employee.

Step 8. Click the Create button.

Adding labors and services via Import

Step 1. Go to the Settings > Labors and Service list page and click the Import button.

Step 2. Download the template by clicking the Excel file example button.

Step 3. Open the downloaded file and fill it with information about the labors and services provided by your company.

There are a number of required columns in the file.

Type. Specify a type "Service" or "Labor" here.

Name. Enter a unique name of the service. You can't have two different services with the same name.

Price. This column must contain a number. If the service has no price, you can specify 0 (zero).

Category. Do not forget to specify a service category. It is important to follow the order of the subcategories separating them with the ">" symbol.

E.g., "Laptop Repair > Apple" will look like this (that is, you do not need to specify the "All labors and services" category):

Step 4. Click the Import button on the Settings > Labors and Service list page and upload the file by pressing the Attach file button. Then click the Import button.

Adding services and labors from work order

Step 1. Go to the Labors and materials tab of the work order profile.

Fill the Service / Labor field with the new service name and click the Add as a labor or Add as a service button.

Step 2. Enter the labor information and tick the Save to pricelist checkbox. Click the Add button.

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