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Why Does the Error "Duplicate Serial Numbers" Appear When Creating a Work Order?
Why Does the Error "Duplicate Serial Numbers" Appear When Creating a Work Order?

Find out how to avoid the error "Duplicate Serial Numbers"

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Sometimes, the Duplicate Serial Numbers error appears at the top when you create a work order. This error occurs if you have specified a serial number of the asset which already exists in your account. In this case, you may not have clicked the Create Asset button and couldn't immediately see that the serial number was created.

Important: Assets may have different names (Vehicle, Device, Appliance, Tool, Shoes, Garment) depending on the type of business you choose when creating your account.

This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • the asset belongs to one client but another person brings it in for repair (for example, a friend or family member)

  • the asset has a new owner

The simple recommendations below will help you see the existing asset in your account right away as well as quickly change the client or owner without leaving the work order creation window.

Option 1. Create an asset profile when creating a work order using the + or + Create asset buttons.

This way, you will see at a glance whether the asset with this serial number exists in your database. If you see that the asset already exists, follow the recommendations below to change the client or owner.

Option 2. We recommend setting up the work order form so that Asset has to be specified first and then the Client.

This is because after selecting a client, only the assets that belong to that client will be displayed in the work order. Therefore, when you specify a client and start filling out information about the asset, you won't be able to see that such an asset already exists in your database.

After configuring the work order form the way we recommend, you will immediately see whether the asset already exists when you type in its serial number.

The owner of the asset will be automatically added to the work order as a client. But you will be able to change the client if another person brought the asset for repair (and the owner will not change). To do this, delete the client from the work order and add a new one.

If you want to change the owner of the asset, you can go to the asset profile directly from the work order and specify the new owner there. To do this, click on the serial number of the asset, delete the old owner and add the new one.

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