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Learn how to record cash collection in RemOnline

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In this article, you will learn how you can record the collection of funds from the cashbox.

You can use cash collection in the following cases:

  • In the standard case where you make a cash collection to your checking account at the bank;

  • To control the work of your cashiers/sellers (i.e. you will need to zero out the cashbox once a day/week/month to be able to check the balance and receipts for that period).

Step 1. Beforehand, you need to add a new cashbox with the name “Collection” or “Safe”. If you have one place for collection, you can choose the “Cashbox Company” type for such cashbox, so that it can be accessed from any location. Also, be sure to set up access to the cashbox only for those employees who will do the collection.

Step 2. Collection can take place at the end of the day/period or at any time you need. For this purpose, it is necessary to move cash from the main cash desk to the “Collection” cashbox.

1. Select the cashbox from which you want to make the collection and click “Transferring”.

2. In the window that opens, specify the amount, select the “Collection” cashbox and be sure to fill in the “Comment” field. Then click “Create”.

Ready! You successfully transferred the funds and now they are displayed on both cashboxes.

Please note that this operation will not be visible in the Cash Flow report, since this movement of funds is not an inflow or outflow of money from sources.

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