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What Happens After My Subscription Expires?
What Happens After My Subscription Expires?

Learn what “Week of Trust” is and how it works

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After the end of the subscription, 7 days Week of Trust starts. During this week you can use RemOnline with no limitation. This period is lent to you and deducted from your next payment.

For example, your subscription ended on August 20 and you paid for a 1-month subscription on August 23. In this case, the subscription will be paid until September 20, as “credit” 3 days will be automatically debited upon payment.

After the end of 7 days Week of Trust, access to the account will be blocked, and after 1 year the account and all data in it will be deleted.

If your account is blocked, you can pay for the subscription and continue to work or contact the Support Service to upload your data.

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