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Learn how to create and use resources in a location

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Resources in RemOnline allow you to plan your work orders not only by specialists but also by available resources.

E.g., if you run a car repair shop, you may have posts, bays, and hoists. In a tailor shop, there can be different workshops there, etc. It is also possible to use resources to organize delivery services.

Thus, with the help of resources, you can control not only the loading of employees but also the loading of workplaces.

Creating Resources

Navigate to the Settings > Locations page to create your resources for each location individually.

1. Double-click on the name of the location.

2. In the Location Resources section, click the + Add Resource button.

3. Specify a name and save your changes.

Please note that you cannot use the same resource names within one location.

To edit and delete resources open the setting window of the location.

Important: after editing the resource name, it automatically changes in all work orders. After deleting the resource, there will be a "Not specified" label in work orders.

How to Use Location Resources

After you create at least one resource in the location, it is automatically displayed on the Settings > Forms editor page in the “Scheduled for” field under the "Scheduled for" and "Duration" fields.

You can also see it in work orders if the "Scheduled for" field is added to the work order form.

In the Work Order Scheduler, there will be an additional filter "Resource" where you can see your daily and weekly workloads of resources.

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