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How Do I Conduct A Price Review?
How Do I Conduct A Price Review?

Find out what are the ways to review the prices of the products in the RemOnline’s inventory

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You may want to review the prices of your products in stock for various reasons and under different conditions. In each case, you will adjust not the purchase price (cost) but the markup. This article describes possible ways of conducting a price review of goods in the RemOnline’s inventory.

Changing Product Prices By the Same Percentage Of the Cost

For example, you have already created a "Retail" price at a 50% markup of the cost, and you want to change it to 70% for all products.

To do this you should go to the Settings > Prices and discounts page and remove the current “Retail” price. Then you create a new “Retail” price with the markup percentage you need. This price is automatically applied to all existing products.

Pay attention, if you just edit the markup percentage, it will be applied to the new products you will purchase. And all existing products will have the old “Retail” price.

Changing Prices of All Products By the Same Percentage Of Any Current Cost

Price Review Via Export/Import

For example, you have already created a "Retail" price at a 50% markup of the cost and you want to increase the retail price by 6%.

To do this, go to the My company > Products page and do the “Export” of products.

The downloaded Excel file will contain all items with all current prices. We will calculate the new price from the current price with the help of a formula. Then we put the new prices into the “Retail” price column and save the file.

Important: you can not change the value in the "ID" column, column layout, or column names. Otherwise, the system will not be able to correctly recognize the file and may download the wrong data.

Then on the page My company > Products page, click Import. Attach the saved file and import it. The retail prices will be changed according to the ones specified in the file.

You can also use this method for partial price change. To do this, set the value of the needed products in the file and save it. Then import the file on the My company > Products page.

Partial Price Change via the Product Profile

This method can be used for single product price changes.

  1. Open the product profile.

  2. In the General > Prices section, set new prices for the product.

  3. Click Save.

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