How To Take Stock?

Guidelines and recommendations on performing stocktaking in your warehouse

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Before you dive into the article, please make sure to learn How to create a new Stock Take.

Now that we know the approaches to stock take, let's find out how the stock take dialog flow works.

As we have discovered before, each and every company has its unique stock take process. However, we've generated a list of tips you can use to make your stock take easier.

Tip 1

Stop your employees from working with a target warehouse during a stock take. For instance, don't allow employees to sell from a store window while performing a stock take there.

Tip 2

Purchase a fast and reliable barcode scanner and make sure all your products have barcodes, whether vendor codes or serial number barcodes.

Tip 3

Perform the stock take monthly, weekly, or at even more frequent intervals. The key is to make it regularly.

Search Bar

You can add products via the search bar during a stock take. With this feature, you can search your products by vendor code (SKU), product name, barcode, or serial number.

Adding Products by Barcode or Serial Number

The system adds the product to the table if it finds this product by barcode or serial number.

Adding Product by Code, Vendor Code, or Product Name

The system displays all the product options to select from if it finds the product by code, vendor code, or product name.

Upon adding a product to a table, the system looks for the same product in the table. If RemOnline finds it, the system will increment the product quantity. This way, you can add 3 items of a product by scanning the same product 3 times.

Sound Indicator

Stock take is a routine task and requires a lot of focus on the products. With that in mind, we've created a sound indicator that appears each time RemOnline finds and successfully adds the product to a stock take table.

This way, there is no need to focus on the screen just to make sure that the system recognizes the barcode and adds the product to a table. With RemOnline, you can rely on the sound indicator. Just scan the product, wait for a confirmation sound, then scan the next product. If you don't hear a sound, it means something's wrong. In this case, you may want to look on the screen for more details.

Adding New Products

You can scan the product that you've never posted to your inventory before. It means there is no such product identifier in the database. In that case, just enter the full product name into the search bar and click + Add item. This way, the system can register the unknown product in the database.

Error and Warning Messages During the Stock Take

The accounting and actual product quantities do not match

This message may appear for both serial and non-serial products. When dealing with non-serial products, the issue is with the quantity. If we consider the serial products, there may be one of 2 problems:

  • Actual and accounting quantities don't match

  • Incorrect serial numbers. Instead of 0-0001 serial number, your actual products have the 0-0005 serial number.

If the serial number belongs to another product, you'll receive a warning notification.

Expected quantity of some products has changed during the stock take. Please check the data.

This message means that the product quantity has changed during the stock take. It may be because your employee sold the product, added it to a work order, wrote-off, or transferred it.

Keyboard Layout During a Stock Take

Pay attention to the keyboard layout during a stock take. The barcode scanner operates as a usual keyboard and emulates the key pressing. With that in mind, an incorrect keyboard layout may result in an incorrect serial number entered.

Stock Take Draft

RemOnline enables you to pause your stock take at any time and save the intermediate results by clicking the Save as draft button.

This will create a stock take document without a number named as Draft in the stock takes table on the Inventory > Stock takes page. You can open the draft and continue the stock take process at any time.

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