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Zadarma IP-telephony service integration
Zadarma IP-telephony service integration

Instructions for setting up RemOnline with Zadarma

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Zadarma is a VoIP service that offers simple communication for business with no additional equipment or actual geo presence required.

Follow the instructions below if you already have a Zadarma account with a configured PBX and connected SIP number. Don’t have an account? Get started now.

Note: Please turn off integrations with ZCRM and other third-party CRM systems in your Zadrama account. It’s necessary for your integration with Zadarma to work correctly. The same thing should be done on the “Settings > Integrations and API” page.

You can connect Zadarma with your RemOnline account with these simple steps.

Step 1

Navigate to the “Settings > Integrations and API” page, then press “Generate keys” to get your authentication key.

You'll receive an email with a confirmation link for creating your API access key.

Step 2

Copy the “Key” and “Secret” values from your Zadarma account, you will need them to complete setup on the “Settings > Integrations and API” page.

Paste these values in the corresponding fields in your RemOnline integration setup.

Step 3

Copy the “Notification address” value from your RemOnline integration center.

Fill in the “Сall notifications to the PBX” field on the “Settings > Integrations and API” page in your Zadarma account. Make sure to check all checkboxes in the “Notify me and send the data in the following events” section.

Enable listening to the recorded calls in your RemOnline. Navigate to the “PBX extension numbers settings” page and check the “Upload to the cloud” checkbox for every extension number.

Step 4

Add extension numbers of the Zadarma PBX on the Integration page:

  1. Click the + Add phone button.

  2. In the Number (address) field, Specify the PBX extension number from Zadarma (you can find it on the My PBX > Extension numbers page).

  3. In the Handset name field, enter any name.

  4. Configure the access for employees. Note that employees won't see incoming calls on this number if they don't have access to this handset.

Step 5

Tick the “Integration enabled” checkbox and press “Save” to finish the setup.

Done! Your integration with Zadarma is set up and running.

Now, if everything is done correctly, you will see the dropdown list of available phones when hovering over the client number. When your phone receives a call, the incoming call card appears in the bottom right corner of the RemOnline page.

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