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Clients and Documents in Chats, Tax Summary Report, Permission to View Prices in a Work Order, Separate Fields with Client's First and Last Name
Clients and Documents in Chats, Tax Summary Report, Permission to View Prices in a Work Order, Separate Fields with Client's First and Last Name

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We've just rolled out some awesome updates for April, tailored to make your RemOnline experience smoother and more efficient. This time around, we've fine-tuned some features based on your feedback, focusing on enhancing usability and control within the system. So, what's cooking in this update:

  • Link chats to clients effortlessly with our new sidebar feature.

  • Easily track taxes with the Tax Summary report.

  • Choose your own unique identifier for products.

  • Control who sees prices in work orders with new permission settings.

  • Enjoy separate fields for client names for smoother communication.

  • Speed up workflow with QR code scanning via smartphone camera.

Let's dive into details!

Clients and Documents in Chats

Picture this: You're chatting away, and now you can seamlessly link your chat conversations to a client's profile from your RemOnline database. Yup, with our new sidebar feature, it's that easy. Get quick access to customer cards, open work orders, leads, and estimates — all in one spot. Plus, you can whip up a new document without skipping a beat.

For example, if a client DMs you on Instagram or Facebook asking about the cost of a work order, you can swiftly create an estimate right from the chat, add services and products, and send over a link for online estimate acceptance. Talk about streamlined!

Linking a chat to a client can be done in just a few clicks, but if needed, you can always find instructions in the Help Center.

Tax Summary Report

Need the lowdown on your company's tax situation? Say hello to the Tax Summary report. This handy tool lays out all the taxes calculated on work orders, sales, and postings for your selected period. Filter, print, export — whatever you need to keep your finances in check.

Setting Up a Unique Product Identifier

We're handing you the reins on this one. In the past, every product in RemOnline needed a unique name. But uniqueness can be different — whether it's the product name, SKU, or code. Now, you call the shots. Decide which identifier works best for your products.

Find the instructions for setting up a unique product identifier at the link.

Permission to View Prices in a Work Order

Recently, we've noticed a surge in requests to tighten the reins on who can access pricing and financial details within work orders. Say no more — we've got you covered! Now you have new permissions in the employee role settings:

  • Can view prices of labors, services, and products: This permission allows you to control whether employees can peek at the financial details within the "Services and products" tab of work orders.

  • Can view the "Invoices and payments" tab: This one's easy – disable this permission, and employees can’t check out invoices and payments in work orders.

Thanks to these new permissions, you can tailor-make your team's access to information within RemOnline. And currently they are available across all subscription plans.

In this article, we'll walk you through each role permission's description within the "Work Orders" section.

Separate Fields for Client's First and Last Name

Now, in the Client form editor for individuals, we've split things up with separate fields for "First Name" and "Last Name." This gives you more flexibility in how you address your clients, making communication smoother than ever.

Scanning a Work Order QR Code with a Smartphone Camera

Speed things up with this improvement! Now, you can scan work order QR codes directly with your smartphone camera. Whether you're using the RemOnline app or the mobile web version, it's a breeze to get things done on the go.

Excited for what's next? So are we! Stay tuned for more updates, including integration with WhatsApp for seamless communication and a new "Sales" section in the RemOnline Work Orders mobile app.

Got questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate and reach out to Support via chat — we're here to make your RemOnline experience the best it can be.

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