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How do I set up Online Estimate Acceptance
How do I set up Online Estimate Acceptance

Learn how to set up Online Estimate Acceptance in RemOnline

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In RemOnline, you can customize the template for Online Estimate Acceptance.

Note: that the online acceptanceform works only for estimates and cannot be used for work orders.

First of all, you need to set up a notification template to automatically or manually send a message with a link where the client can view the details and accept or decline the estimate.

How do I customize the online estimate acceptance template?

1. Go to the Settings > Notifications page in the Templates section.

2. Click the "+ Template" button if you want to add a new template, or click on the name of an existing template to edit it.

The text of the message template can be anything, but it must contain the {Estimate Client URL} variable, it can be found in the Other block. It is this variable that forms the link for the client.

How do I automatically send a calculation for approval?

1. Click the "+ Notification" button in the "For Clients" section.

2. Select the "Work order status changed to" event and the desired status.

3. Specify the message type: SMS or Email.

4. If necessary, set up delayed sending of the notification.

5. Select a message template.

After the estimate has moved to the specified status, the client will receive a message that will contain a link to the web form with the estimate.

The web form contains your company logo and name as specified on the Settings > General page, manager name, estimate details, and buttons to accept or decline the estimate.

Acceptance and decline of the estimate are also logged in the event feed.

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