What Is "Zero Price"?

How to use and apply the "zero price" for products in RemOnline

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Zero price is one of the standard prices in RemOnline the value of which is 0. You can use it to write off the part:

  • when you perform the warranty repair

  • if the price of the part is already included in the cost of the work or service.

The part will be displayed in the print documents but the client will not have to pay for it. At the same time, the cost of this part will be taken into account in the calculation of profit on work orders in the reports as well as in the calculation of commissions to employees.

For example, you add to the work order the "Battery service" at a cost of 200. The cost of the battery is included in this amount but you also need to add it to the work order. No problem! Select "zero price" and write off the part from the stock.

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