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Payment Correction
Payment Correction

Learn how to correct a mistake in payment amount

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If you specified the wrong amount of payment, RemOnline allows you to make a correction.

How To Create a Payment Correction in the Cashbox

Step 1. Go to the dialog box of the payment which you want to correct and click the Correction button at the bottom.

Please note: the Correction button will be displayed in the payment window after you enable the Can correct cash transactions right in the employee role settings.

Step 2. In the Amount field, set the desired switch (Increase or Reduce), and then specify the value by which you want to increase or reduce the payment amount.

The new payment amount value will be displayed below.

Step 3. Select an appropriate cash flow item and specify a different cashier, if necessary.

Step 4. In the Comment field, write the reason for the correction.

Step 5. Click Create.

Done! The correction of income is created and displayed in the table of payments as well as in the payment dialog box from which it was made.

When you click the correction, you can see the basic information and the associated payment.

How to Delete a Correction

To delete a correction, go to the Payment Correction dialog box and click the Delete button. Alternatively, you can perform another payment correction to fix the final payment amount.

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