How To Print Asset Labels

Find out how to print out labels for assets in RemOnline

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You can print out labels for quick identification of assets in the warehouse using any thermal printer as well as adjust the size and template of the label.

Let's look at where you can print labels in RemOnline.

Printing labels from the Inventory > Assets page:

1. Tick the assets for which you want to print labels.

2. Click the printer button 🖨️ and select a label template (if you have several).

Afterward, you will see a PDF file ready to be printed. Select the printer you want and print the labels.

Printing labels from the asset profile:

1. Open an asset profile and click Print 🖨️ on the lower right side.

2. Select a label template (if there are several).

Then, you will see a ready-to-use PDF file. Select the printer you want and print the labels.

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