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How To Verify An Employee's Email Address?
How To Verify An Employee's Email Address?

Email confirmation in RemOnline

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After creating a new employee, a confirmation email is automatically sent to his/her email address. The employee has to open this email and click on the Confirm Email button that will initiate opening a new RemOnline window.

When editing the employee's email address, the confirmation will be sent to the new specified email address automatically.

If your employee didn’t receive the confirmation email, check the email address spelling in the employee's profile.

Important: if you do not have access permission to edit the employee's profile and you cannot change the email address, contact a person with full access to the account.

Then, click the Resend Email button and check the mailbox.

We also recommend searching for the confirmation email through the search bar in the mailbox. Email service providers sometimes create separate folders and filter our emails in your inbox. Type in the subject line "Confirm your email".

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