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Learn how to streamline your Inventory using product categories

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Product categories are intended to help you quickly find the necessary items and generally streamline the process of Inventory Management. Product categories are also involved in the Assortment Analysis Report and Inventory Stocktake.

A product category is a set of items united by the same class. The table of Categories is a catalog-based list of items each having its product category. By default, RemOnline has the following parent category All products that cannot be edited or removed. It has several subcategories that can be populated, edited, or removed when necessary.

Creating New Categories

Creating product categories on the Inventory > Products and categories page

Step 1. Press + Category.

Step 2. Enter a title and select a parent category.

Parent categories are used to create a tree of categories. Here, the Parent category is a searchable drop-down list. Just start typing and make a corresponding selection.

For example, let’s create a new product category (Parts) and select All products as a parent category. Next, let’s create a couple of new product categories (Apple and Samsung) and select Parts as a parent category. Then we are going to create several subcategories, namely LCD Screens, Cameras, Touchscreens and select Apple and Samsung as their parent categories. Eventually, we will have a tree of categories like this:

Later on, you will be able to quickly select a corresponding parent category found on the list, then press + Category and automatically apply a selection.

Step 3. If necessary, set an exceptional commission for selling or adding a product from this category to a work order. Learn more about how exceptional commissions work here.

Step 4. Press Create.

Creating Categories from new Products and Postings

If you don’t have the right category to select — either when creating a product on the “Products and categories” tab, or when doing posting — new product categories can be quickly added directly from a Product profile or Posting document. To do so, follow these steps.

Step 1. Press + Category next to the Category field.

Step 2. Enter a title, then select a parent category and press Create.

Categories Table

After creating new products, their quantity will be displayed next to the list of categories.

Note: Quantity in subcategories does not necessarily have to be the same as quantity in a parent category, because a parent category may also have its own products.

Click a category title to see a list of related products displayed on the right screen menu.

Click the quantity to open the Inventory > Stock page with a preset filter by its category.

Use drag and drop to transfer a product category to another parent category.

How to edit and remove Category

Double-click a title to edit or remove a category. Make edits and save your progress or press delete to remove it from the system.

Note: Category with products can not be instantly removed. To do so, you need to transfer products to another category first. Read here to learn more about changing product categories.

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